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Kohl Children's Museum Artist-In-Residence Application

The Museum At-Large: As a leader in demonstrating the role of interactive play in learning, the Museum creates exemplary, developmentally appropriate, hands-on educational experiences for young children in a fun, intimate environment. (Kohl Children’s Museum Mission Statement)

The heart of the Museum’s mission is to offer creative methods for enhancing traditional approaches to teaching, historically the Kohl Teaching Centers (from which the current Museum evolved) provided training and educational resources to teachers and helped them incorporate hands-on experiences into their classroom. Building on this desire to reach young children through interactive play, the Kohl Children’s Museum was also founded to continue reaching educators and extend its service to meet the growing needs of families and the community at large through interactive exhibits and hands-on programs.

Purpose of Art Studio: The Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Art studio, housed in the Adventures in Art exhibit, is designed to provide inspiration for children to explore their inner creativity with programs that change monthly. The self-guided Art Adventures program encourages children to be creative using unique tools and art media. Children are able to explore making through either painting; clay sculpture; weaving or recycled art.

How Art Impacts Learning Outcomes What makes art such a great teaching tool? Art engages children's senses in open-ended play and develops Cognitive, Social, Emotional and Sensori-Motor skills. Art is a cooperative learning experience that provides pleasure, challenge, and a sense of mastery. Instruction in the arts is one of the best ways in which to involve the different modes of learning; through art, children learn complex thinking skills and master developmental tasks (Belden & Fessard, 2001).


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Residency Expectations: Develop and present a week-long drop-in art-based workshop (between 5-15 contact hours in length) Provide digital space for display of artist’s own artwork (via Museum website, digital screens within the Museum, Instagram, etc.) Participate in in-process reflection (blogging, on-line documentation, etc.) Complete a post reflection/survey

• A modest honorarium will cover stipend of $300 and cover the cost of materials up to $100.

Desired Qualifications: Artists working with recycled materials or has an eco-friendly focus Artists with a process-based practice Artists with background working with public (at minimum, desired previous experience working with early childhood populations—specifically any experience with birth to 8 years old children) Artists interesting in collaboration Please write a short paragraph outlining past experience related to qualifications as well as any previous experience working with public and working with children/families.

Past Experiences:

Residency Proposal: Proposal should be a page-length written (250-word minimum, not to exceed 750 words) proposal addressing potential timeline and expectations for drop-in activity indicating the areas of specialty (recycled art, clay, weaving, printmaking, collaborative projects). Outline any special tools/materials that might be needed for the completion of the residency project.

Project Proposal:

Dates of availability + rationale: The residency will consist of at least five hours and a maximum of 15 contact hours between the artist and the Museum visitors. Please address if your residency project will take place over consecutive days or over a longer period of time (i.e.: once a week over a period of a month) and why this timeline suits your proposed project. Please also provide at least three periods of availability.

Dates of Availability:


Artist statement + bio: Please provide a brief statement that addresses ideas found in your own artistic practice, not more than 100 words. Please attach a CV to the application, not more than 3 pages long.

Artist Statement:


Image list: Please provide a sample of recent work: of your own artwork, past collaborative projects, public works or a combination of these. This sample should give a sense of the work that will be displayed in the Museum and/or work similar to the work proposed if creating a site-responsive installation. Schematics & drawing of proposed work is welcome. If including a schematic, this must be accompanied by images of projects/artwork that have already been actualized.

Please include relevant information about images: Title, material, date of completion, dimensions, a short description of the project.

Image List:

Title & Description:

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Title & Description:

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Please review your application to make sure you have included the following.

Completed Application with project proposal & proposed dates for residency, Image Sample, Current CV.

Please submit your application to Cori Paulsrud- Museum Education Specialist at Please attach your images with this document. Please attach your CV with this document.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018
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