Artistic Administrator

Artistic Administrator (Part-Time)

The Artistic Administrator provides artistic, musical, and administrative support throughout the season to the Company.  The Artistic Administrator primarily reports to the General Director, but also handles specific tasks assigned by the Music Director, General Manager, and Director of Production as necessary.

This position is part-time and fluctuates throughout the year, with particular tasks revolving around each Company production (generally three per year plus smaller events), during audition season (September to December), and during contracting periods (generally January to May).  The summer is focused on preparation for the upcoming season and will generally be lighter in hours and duties.  The expectation is that this position would work an average of 15-20 hours per week.

As a part-time position, there is flexibility to accommodate other projects or positions with other companies, as well as variations in schedule and/or some remote work throughout the year.

The Artistic Administrator will be provided with a dedicated workstation and office support in the Company offices at 70 East Lake Street, #415, Chicago, IL 60601.

Artistic Administrator Responsibilities:

  • Serving as the first point of contact for artists’ logistical needs, including:

  • Executing the issuance and collection of artist contracts, as overseen by the General Director

  • Providing polite and professional real-time support to artists (both local and visiting) via email, phone, and/or in-person (for travel/housing, schedules, payment, and other accompanying requests).

  • Making and adjusting travel and housing arrangements with approval from senior staff.

  • Making regular appearances at production rehearsals and attending production performances as artist liaison.

  • Serving as the primary librarian for all COT sheet music needs, including:

  • procuring parts and scores,

  • communicating with publishers and rental companies

  • procuring and sharing scores/recordings/IPA materials and the like with singers, as appropriate

  • ensuring that orchestral parts are in working order (including resolving page turns and other issues)

  • inputting bowings and other notes into orchestral parts

  • during the rehearsal process, ensuring that orchestra musicians’ part needs are met

  • Overseeing all logistics for annual singer auditions in Chicago and NYC, including:

  • serving as the primary liaison between COT and singers/managers

  • coordinating audition schedules

  • securing audition space and pianists of appropriate skill

  • monitoring auditions, or securing audition monitors for out-of-town auditions

  • Throughout the season, serving as point of contact for managers and artists expressing interest in working with COT

  • Serving as the primary liaison with the Young Artist Program and Emerging Opera Composer Program including:

  • working with the Music Director and head of the diploma program at Roosevelt University to ensure that a sufficient number of opportunities for young artists and emerging composers are planned throughout the season

  • Maintaining the YA and EOC master calendars

  • Facilitating materials and communications regarding YA and EOC activities of various kinds throughout the year

  • Serving as the primary artist liaison with the Vanguard Initiative including serving as primary artist coordinator for concerts, readings and workshops associated with the Vanguard Initiative

  • Oversee the maintenance of COT’s artist database

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Skills & Qualifications: 


  • Thorough knowledge of music, including a general understanding of instrumentalists’ and singers’ musical needs and ability to read and notate orchestral and piano/vocal scores

  • Strong communication skills, verbally and in writing

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Exceptional attention to detail

  • Ability to attend rehearsals, meetings and events throughout the Chicagoland region

  • Formal music education on an undergraduate level or above or commensurate experience

  • Previous administrative experience in an nonprofit arts organization preferred

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Send letter of interest and resume to

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Douglas Clayton