Theater Supervisor at Studebaker

Theater Supervisor at Studebaker

TPS Chicago is seeking skilled and self-motivated individuals to join our team as Theater Supervisors for the newly renovated Studebaker Theater located in the Fine Arts Building.

Job Description

Supervisors joining our team must be skilled and friendly theater professionals ready  to lead and manage day-of activities for ongoing year-round performance project at the Studebaker Theater in the Fine Arts Building focusing on supporting the crew and the client.

Skills & Qualifications: 

TPS Chicago supports two types of events at the Studebaker with Tasks including for the following:

1. Small event production:  Usually one day events for music, youth performances or talks.  The event supervisor will help set up their needs:

  • Creating a general wash or writing a light cue or two

  • setting up a wireless mic

  • basic show-run stuff (house lights / mic stuff / etc).

  • putting away all the equipment at the end of the day

2. Larger event supervision:  This would be when a larger show would be coming in with their own crew and the role would be inventory management and answering general questions.  


Job Details and Compensation

  • Theater Supervisors are compensated hourly and paid as independent contractors and must invoice for their work before payment can be processed.  

  • Supervisors will be on a list for shifts 4-8 hours in length and will be given notice approximately 4-5 weeks before call dates.  

  • Confirmed supervisors are expected to arrive on-time, ready to work in appropriate shoes and clothing.  

  • Supervisors  will fill out daily reports and inventory.

  • Demonstrated experience managing crew members is highly preferred.



  • Have an understanding of lighting, light board op (ION) and general theatre production   

  • Act as in-person liaison to clients when working. Supervisors are responsible for answering clients questions or concerns and for negotiating last-minute edits to technical plans, as required by each project.  This requires a customer-service approach and Crew Lead must be supportive and respectful of the client at all times.

  • Maintain technical equipment to safety and performance standards.

To Apply: 

To apply, please email cover letter and resume to TPS Chicago’s Operations Manager, Elly Adler at

Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Elly Adler