Art Rooms available for Rental 6-10 pm everyday and more.

We have a few wonderful art rooms available to rent from 6-10 pm every day at Bubbles Academy. We are a child enrichment center, offering parent-child classes in addition to a pre-school. Our new space is brand new (opened mid-March) and we have availability in all of our rooms from 6-10 pm each day. If you are interested in another time or room, please inquire for additional availability. These rooms specifically are two of our pre-school rooms during the regular day as well as one that is used in Parent-Child classes. They all have great sinks for art projects and could be used for a variety of other things such as lectures, after school clubs, or improv classes. One of the rooms available has a TV that can be used to connect to a computer for presentation needs. 


    Space Detail
    Available Hours: 
    6-10 pm daily
    Heating/Air Cond
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